DePaul Innovation and Development Lab Promo

A promotional video I made in 2018 while working as a Software Engineer at DePaul University's Innovation and Development Lab to show off to the world some of the cool stuff we do at the lab.
Red Horse Knife Works Short Documentary

A short documentary I made in 2014 for Red Horse Knife Works, an independent knife company located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, showing the process of how their knives are made.

A short experimental film I made in 2014 for my high school's Fall Film Festival involving me playing checkers with an evil clone of myself. Won Best Overall Film at Arlington Heights Teen Film Festival in 2015.
Nut Buster

When an anthropomorphic, beer-drinking squirrel invades a suburban home, three friends call upon the eponymous Nut Buster to vanquish the furry fiend. Produced in 2015 while attending the Chicago Academy for the Arts and inspired by true events.

A short reel of some of my best work in cinematography. Produced in 2015.